Sunday, March 2, 2014

Postcards from Paradise:

The bells chime, 
sounding Jesus’ invitation 
to enter His abode and spend some quiet time 
with Him.  Who can turn away from that summons?  
Is there anything more important than time spent with our 
Lord?  Would not time spent here provide grace enough 
to make all actions weave together more effortlessly?  
Of course, one does not need to enter a church to meet with 
Jesus, but the environs of a church provides us a place built 
with the intentionality of being a haven for prayer.  
 Why not answer the call 
the next time 
you hear 
the bells?

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  1. dearest nonnie,
    i love your openness too. and your generous willingness to open the door to love so widely and faithfully ring your hearts bell.

  2. Mexico is full of church bells ringing day and night. On my recent trip to San Miguel, I tried to be mindful of the Holy One every time I heard a bell. I wasn't always successful, but when I was, oh, what delight!

    Golden Journey Fruit

  3. Who, indeed, can ignore the call. Not I. The greatest gift, of the many i have received on this mission so far is the certain knowledge of the strength of God's love for us.


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