Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ABC Wednesday: Jesuits

Our ladies’ group, Women at the Well, 
is reading this book by a Jesuit priest Father James Martin.  
Since we meet only once a month 
and do not meet in the summer, 
we will continue to read this interesting book into 2015.  
Father Martin relates the saints’ lives, 
as well as those who led saintly, holy lives, 
and how they have impacted his own life.  
The saints or saintly that we have encountered thus far are these:
The Saint of the Sock Drawer- Jude
Joan of Arc
Thomas Merton
Ignatius of Loyola
Pedro Arrupe
Bernadette Soubirous
And for April, we are reading about these:
Mother Teresa
Pope John XXIII

 Then some of our ladies 
share the history and spirituality of each saint 
we have studied with their own unique presentations.  
We are fortunate to have such industrious 
and interesting speakers in our group.

I highly recommend this book 
for its spiritual value 
as well as its entertaining way of sharing 
the lives of these faith-filled people 
whose journey we may choose to emulate.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful book and group! There are certainly some very interesting people on that list. You might like my take on Joseph today.

    1. I think the book is wonderful, and I feel that way about our group of ladies. I did like your post about Joseph, Lisa.

  2. I was looking for, but unfortunately there is not this book in German. Would like to read.
    Greetings :-)

  3. Well that's an interesting book! I take it that Father Martin is a good reader.
    You asked what a jumbuck is. Wel if you heard the third video in my post then you hear the singer explain that a jumbuck is a sheep, a mathilda is a sleeping back, a billy is a kettle, a billabong is a pool of deep water and tucker is food. Australia has a lot of words that differ from British or American English.

    1. I like the Aussie's unusual words. I've known that song since childhood, but I never thought to look up the words.

  4. An interesting way to examine a life and lessons. Jude, the saint of the sock drawer, so funny, definitely a lost cause in matching mine up.
    Joy - ABC Team

  5. Now that sounds like the kind of book club I'd enjoy. I find that the ones I've participated in ended up as just a social time when I really wanted to discuss the book!

    abcw team

  6. ...sounds very interesting! I feel like reading it!

  7. Always thought the Jesuits were kind of cool.


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