Monday, May 20, 2013

Mornings with Mary: Project Gabriel Baby Shower

Last Tuesday our Bible Study group
hosted a baby shower 
for the local Project Gabriel. 
It is an organization that provides support
for expectant mothers.
Details about Project Gabriel
can be found here.
The name stems from the angel
Gabriel who announced to Mary
about her role in the birth 
of our Savior.
I think that it is a fitting name,
don't you agree?

Giving thanks to Rebecca
for hosting Mornings with Mary!


  1. In April, our parish always has a baby shower for Mary. Goods are collected and then are donated to our local pregnancy center to support babies and their mothers.

  2. Doesn't it make your heart feel satisfied doing for such a wonderful cause?

  3. Such grand and generous work!
    Oh! But the years ahead of these
    mothers and children...they need
    the vigilance all along the way.

  4. dear nonnie,
    i love this celebration and loving support of new life! i want to ask you about the vintage jesus and mary you always post at the end of your offerings. there is a story there and i would love to hear it.


  5. Making a difference - that is what life is all about!

  6. wonderful work ladies! always the heart reaches out to do good things!

  7. I thank you for all the ladies, Lenora.

  8. Gabriel is a great name for this project. Babyshowers are a very good tradition in the USA! We don't do this in my country. We give presents when the baby is born and treat the visitors to "Dutch rusk" and aniseed comfits, which are blue for a boy and pink for a girl.
    Thank you for your post! Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  9. Beautiful photos of your shower for the Gabriel project. I hadn't heard of this before so thanks for sharing.


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