Monday, May 6, 2013

Mornings with Mary: Magnificat Cover

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Can’t We Dream?
(my paraphrase of part of the article 
in the May 2013 issue of “Magnificat” 
by Pierre-Marie Dumont)
Guillaume Dubufe was a master in Symbolism 
at the turn of the 20th century. 
Symbolism developed as a poetic and spiritual reaction
 against materialism, positivism and rationalism.  
These isms were trying to drown out art 
by demolishing all sense of the sacred.  
French poets Baudelaire, Verlaine and Mallarme, 
fathers of Symbolism, predicted that materialism
 would dissolve all ties that provide reasons to live, 
that is vertical ties uniting us to God 
and horizontal ties uniting us among ourselves. 
Ever since the Middle Ages, 
art has been a reflection of society’s soul.  
In present times with the world’s soul being lost,
it is thought that 
art can only survive by battling this society
 so driven by materialism.

“Thus, in this House of the Virgin
the vibrations of a white, diaphanous light suffuses the painting 
like an image out of a dream, 
an image wherein all is a mystery waiting to be revealed:’’

To dare utter your praises we need it all,
O virgin Mary, O Mary Immaculate,
White through the wing beats of angels, 
you who set your feet upon our consoled earth.
~Paul Verlaine~

More detail about Pierre-Marie Dumont can be found at this site:

Art prints of work by Guillaume Dubufe can be found at this site.


  1. When writing this post I did not have the huge space between the article and the prayer. I tried several times to correct its publishing like this, was this way or none. I hope it does not distract too much.

  2. What lovely, misty art! I love that phrase, "the wing beats of angels".Thanks for the link to the artist. xx

    1. Lizbethem, I wish the line was mine. I am planning on ordering a small print of the painting; I love its softness enveloping Mary and Jesus.

  3. I feel connected to the thoughts here, Norma.
    It is my very reason for the pictures I paint,
    the art I collect and the type of garden I plant.

    1. I would love to visit your garden, Lisa!

  4. A very interesting post, thank you Nonnie!

  5. No "ism" can ever drown out art, especially art this beautiful and meaningful.

  6. dear nonnie,
    you have infused my heart with the pure light of love!
    thank you....


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