Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Master's Presence

As part of my prayer time,
I read from a daily devotional, 
a Christmas gift given to me 
by my oldest son and his dear wife.  
Today's reflection hit me full square in my head!  
Having been the oldest child and the oldest grandchild, 
I was primed to be the fixer and leader of our family. 
A few years ago,
both my closest cousin and childhood neighbors 
told me that I was always in charge.  
To say it in 'teacher language' 
I was forever the 'line leader.'  
With that in mind,
 you might see how difficult a time 
I have in handing over my problems to someone else, 
including God. 
I've been aware, but being intellectually aware 
does not mean that I just automatically 
do what is necessary.  
However, today's devotion 
brings the message home to me 
that nothing else has been able 
to hit me where it needs to be...
in my heart.  
Here I am, Lord...walk with me this day.

Here is today's page from: Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence
A book of devotions by Sarah Young

May 25
THE WORLD IS TOO MUCH WITH YOU, My child. Your mind leaps from problem to problem, tangling your thought in anxious knots.  When you think like that, you leave Me out of your world-view and your mind becomes darkened. Though I yearn to help, I will not violate your freedom. I stand silently in the background of your mind, waiting for you to remember that I am with you.
When you turn from your problems to My Presence, your load is immediately lighter. Circumstances may not have changed, but we carry your burdens together. Your compulsion to “fix” everything gives way to deep, satisfying connection with Me.  Together we can handle whatever this day brings.

ISAIAH 41:10; ZEPHANIAH 3:17; PSALM 34:19

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