Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday 2014

Good Friday
Passion of our Lord
for our sins
1. the Passion of our Lord...
(The Liturgy Readings can be found here.)
our Lord stripped of His clothes,
the altar stripped of its cloths

Solemn Intercessory Prayers

2. Veneration of the Cross:
"Behold the wood of the Cross,
on which hung the salvation of the world."
R "Come, let us adore."

3. no Mass celebrated
 Holy Communion received
from that left from Holy Thursday
now...the tabernacle- empty 

shared with Rebecca's
Haiku My Heart


  1. Shared with you in this holy ritual. Blessed Easter, Nonnie.

  2. May the stones roll away... and the Christ of our hearts... come forth... blessings to you this Easter Nonnie and the gifts you bring from your deep faith and heart!

  3. Beautiful! Happy Easter!

  4. dearest nonnie,
    somehow it seemed so appropriate that typepad was down on good friday, a time for deep reflection.
    thank you for being here now with your love and passion. blessed easter to you dear friend.


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