Friday, February 7, 2014

Random 5 Friday: Winter

1. I am weary of subzero temperatures, 
arctic winds and high mounds of snow.

2. But joyfully, I am not suffering depression nor cabin fever!

3. I had the pleasure of taking care of my two sweethearts, 
Myah and Leannah, for a short time yesterday.  
I am pleased that my granddaughter 
has trust in my being able to handle that responsibility.

4. Yesterday I received a book that I’d ordered; 
it’s called Thirty-Day Devotions for the Holy Souls by Susan Tassone.
I started reading and praying it this morning.

5. We had a goodly number of ladies present 
at our Bible Study this week.  Weather caused cancellations for us in January. 
We rejoiced that we finally got to meet.  
But that was not true for our Women at the Well group. 
It meets at night 
and causes concerns for the safety of us all, 
which is very important. 

for Haiku My Heart-

Wintry weather brings 
tribulations of all sorts,
mounds of snow, iced streets.

hosted by Nancy Claeys
on A Rural Journal

hosted by Rebecca Brooks
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  1. dearest nonnie,
    what a long cold winter you have been experiencing. thank goodness you are safe and sound indoors enjoying your beautiful great grandchildren. i just returned from a warm sun filled san miguel to snow! xo

  2. thank you, Rebecca, for your kind thoughts. your previous destination sounds heavenly!

  3. be safe out there, it's still rather nasty. low temps here, snow, wind and my bones ache; I'll be glad for spring and warmer weather.

  4. be safe out there; it's been a hard winter, at least it seems hard to me as well. lots of cold, wind, snow, icy, sleet and not nearly enough sunlight.

  5. Tribulations come, but tribulations also go! ;)

  6. Hi Nonnie! Didn't know about this other blog of yours but happy to follow. xo

  7. Good Morning and Happy Birthday :-)
    My virtual flowers you can see here:
    With best wishes

  8. I am odd I suppose, but I love the snow, although I know for many people it is quite treacherous. And subzero temps, I could definitely do without those!


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