Friday, September 13, 2013

Sepia Saturday 194: Church

vintage shot of
St. Lawrence Catholic Church,
NOT taken by me!

This shot was by me
just this past spring.

This church first received me
 in baptism in 1963.
The following day our three children
ages 1, 2, and 3 years old
were baptized.
A year or two later
my mom was welcomed
into the Church.
Then when our fourth
child was born in 1970,
he was baptized here.
same shot as just above but SOOC

baptismal setting

of my four children and me
joyous occasions! 
linking with pleasure
Sepia Saturday

and Rebecca's wondrous blog
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  1. I recently saw a church with a big sign "OMG" out front. Trying to appeal to the younger generation I suppose?

  2. Very lovely photos, of such beautiful structures!

    1. I do prefer the traditional look, but that is not the most important aspect of any church; it's the members who make up the Church. And both here and my current parish have wonderful, spiritual members.

  3. I think there must be a story there,
    how it came about that you were baptized
    only a day before your children.
    In any case, Norma, great pictures
    and a very happy haiku.
    I am happy to see your happiness:)

    1. there is, Lisa! You have set the seed for my telling my story here. thank you for your kind words.

  4. dear nonnie,
    thank you for taking me into the heart of the heart of the heart.
    i love being near you.

    1. I, as well, feel the same way about you, Rebecca. I am nourished by your posts and those of contributors to your blog.

  5. Your church building looks as if t hasn't changed at all. Strong foundations for the building and the church community.

  6. Beautiful church! I love the ages of your children when they were baptized - 1,2,3. So cute! I was born a year after your fourth child was born.


  7. Every where I go... I look for churches and yours is all the more special because of the meaning that it holds for you and your family. I think that is what makes a church so special, when you walk in, you can feel the history and the stories and the prayers and worship that have filled the building even before it was built. Lovely!

  8. Nonnie, baptisms and confirmations are great joy for as well. Beautifully captured!

  9. Very special to see!
    Thank you for coming by to visit me!

  10. A lovely building through the ages - always a pleasure to see.


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