Saturday, September 21, 2013

World Gratitude Day

World Gratitude Day
A strange concept,
being thankful around the globe
just one day a year
out of 365 days!
In the past,
I have written in my journal
five things for which 
I am appreciative on a daily basis.
However, I do see
the virtue of
proclaiming a World Gratitude Day
clarifying to everyone,
that no matter our economic status, 
where we live, 
in what kind of abode in which we dwell, 
our outer shell's appearance, 
what religious faith we practice, 
each of us 
has reasons to be grateful.

In addition, I include a quote here
from my daily devotional,
the Magnificat:

“We who take access to words for granted 
should pause to be grateful to those 
who preserved the Gospel words 
so carefully
 and spread them to the utmost bounds of the world 
without benefit of the printing press 
or instantaneous media.”
~Magnificat: Saturday morning, September 21~


  1. We have so much to feel grateful for!

  2. We are so blessed to live in a free world and tohave everything we need! Thank for this post!

  3. Love your journal idea. I should do that as lately I tend to forget some of the things that I take for granted. That idea goes well with a daily devotional. Thanks for sharing..


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