Friday, December 6, 2013

Prayer for Joe Spado

My Haiku Dedication to Joe Spado:

Dear God, welcome Joe,
with Your loving open arms
and the kiss of peace. 

Receive, Lord, in tranquility and peace, 
the soul of your servant, Joe Spado
who has departed out of this present life to be with you.  
Give him the life that knows no age, 
the good things that do not pass away; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

~Adapted from Saint Ignatius Loyola~

I knew Joe only from his blog Round Circle: 
The Truth Is Spoken Here.
However, what I learned from reading 
his posts was that he was a deeply caring man 
who endured physical pain, 
with more than a modicum of humor,
as one can tell from his own profile:
My Photo
I'm a Renaisance Man. I've been a lot of places and done a lot of things. I tell stories, sometimes, when I'm in the mood or especially when someone asks me. I don't want to believe I have an ego problem, but I admit I have an ego. All I really desire is when you hear that I have passed, I hope you can say, "Too bad, he was a nice guy."
Those of us who followed his blog
will miss him.
And I know from experience
the severe ache, even physical in nature,
of losing a mate.
Yet, I do not presume to know exactly
what his widow and family are experiencing now.
But I do want them to know 
that many of us are praying for them 
and for their husband/father, grandfather’s soul.
God bless you, Joe.

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  1. Wonderful tribute to Joe Spado ~ such a loss for all ~ blessings and hugs, carol, xxx

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Joe and to his grieving family.

  3. Such heartfelt words, thank you for sharing your thoughts/prayers of Joe with us. x

  4. Such a wonderful tribute to our friend Joe... he indeed had that kind humour that made us all laugh - he was such a positive and wise man I will miss his comments and blogposts dearly... 'a nice guy' indeed... I believe Joe's spirit will always be among us on Haiku-my-heart-Fridays.


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