Monday, November 25, 2013

Mornings with Mary: St. Mary Aglow

St. Mary aglow,
the sun accents her glory
with fall's comeliness

recently, a friend asked me,
"don't you think St. Mary (the edifice, 
not the parish members)  is cold?"
note: St. Mary's stone interior
 has very dark wood on the upper walls,
and its ceilings are HIGH,
up in the nose bleed height.
I pondered only for a short while
and replied that when I first
came to this parish, I did think of the church
in that way, especially compared
to my former parish of St. Lawrence.

St. Lawrence 
but as I grew to know and love 
the members, 
the church's stone and dark wood
took on warmth.
I would say that one will
feel warmth in any group
if one becomes involved.

linking to
the luminous Rebecca
Mornings with Mary


  1. I definitely agree with you about becoming part of a church family through involvement. I wonder if your friend was actually getting the vibes of people coldness and not the building itself but chose to express it that way. Lovely churches, both.

  2. dear nonnie,
    the sun warming the stone walls causes one to pause for the beauty of it all.
    the truest warmth of all, the open hearts of those within.
    thank you for your warmest truest self.

    1. thank you, Rebecca, I am trying to be that way and reflecting it. Being in Bible Study with such wonderful women has helped me on my journey.

  3. An exquisite picture and excellent haiku! St lawrence"s interior is beautiful but I just love that flaming tower of St Mary


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