Saturday, July 13, 2013

Haiku My Heart: Momma Robin and Her Babies

Since I spotted the nest
four days ago,
I've been taking daily photos
of the mother robin
and her babies.

watchful at all times,
seeking those who'd do mischief
to her precious babes

can't you see
how hungry I am?
please, me first!

feed me first
come on, Momma, please
I'm hungry!

Some readers might wonder why
I featured the robins on this blog
instead of my other blog.
I feel the way that I think
those who link with Rebecca's memes feel,
that all life is sacred.

lift your spirits
by visiting
Rebecca's Haiku My Heart


  1. Yes, all life is sacred.
    And you makes so lovbely fotos, thanks für show them in your Blog :-)

    I like the robins and I like the book "The secret garden" of F. H. Burnett

    Have an wonderful sunday.

  2. What a precious capture; thank you for sharing with us

    much love...

  3. Wonderful haiku and lovely shots of nature's gems ~ happy weekend to you ~ Thanks for your comments ^_^

  4. What joy to spot a robin and her babies and document them! Thanks for sharing. Nicely described in haiku.


  5. dear nonnie,
    i love and adore you. thank you for a nest, a mother and babies
    safe and thriving. something i wish for every mother, and every child in this world we share.

    1. thank you, Rebecca! your words bring a shiver down my spine with their love.

  6. I just adore your pictures and your words, what fun!!!

  7. I loved your captures especially the watchful Robin!! Mothers are so instinctive and protective!! It just comes so naturally!! Admire your perseverance behind the camera!!

  8. Great photos of natural events. Unadulterated life, untouched by politics and money, and measured by the daily cycle of light and dark. All life IS Sacred, no doubt.

    Much Peace sent your way


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