Monday, June 24, 2013

Mornings with Mary

Mary, queen of hearts,
the model of faithfulness
to her Divine Son.

She understands those
who deal with uncertainty
and aids them with hope.

may you be blessed to seek Rebecca's
Morning with Mary
Even with Mary, I like playing with PicMonkey's editing tools.
As you can see, I have switched old crumbling pots to new tubs
to hold flowers for Mary. My daughter also bought some new
kinds of flowers for my Mother's Day yearly gift.


  1. Good thoughts Nonnie. And the "new" flowers look great! Like her own special garden.

  2. Never heard of PicMonkey, but I'll check it out. Your Mary is lovely indeed and so are your words.

  3. I so want a Mary statue for my butterfly garden. It will have to wait but there will be one. Your pots and flowers surrounding her look wonderful!

  4. this was a gift from a friend, Maggie, but it's not cement so I think one like it would not be costly.

  5. dear nonnie,
    i always linger when i visit here. there is something so reassuring about being near you.
    loving your daughter love in the way of new flowers.
    i will fall asleep tonight encouraged; hopeful to bloom with the morning light!

    1. Rebecca, my heart sings because of your kind words!

  6. The light that you added is spectacular!!


Bless you for your comments.