Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Carpe Diem #380: Frozen Heart?

from Kristjaan Panneman's Carpe Diem Haiku-
lotus flowers
rising from the depths of the pond
everlasting love

and here is mine...

berries frozen
are they symbolic of my heart?
may His love enflame it

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  1. Wonderful spiritual energy in your haiku ~ 'flaming' red love ~ universal ~ carol, xxx ~

  2. Ask for the flame of his love and it will be there for you.

    1. Anne, it is for my family, but I sometimes wish it were there for a significant other.

  3. Hello Nonnie I see you have entered the Grow your Blog event!! That is wonderful. Hope to see your post up soon! Xx

  4. Hi .I'm a GYB volunteer and noticed ya haven't posted for the big event. We'd love ya to join us! Please post by 4:00 today or your blog will be deleted from the event list. :)

  5. Hello from the Grow Your Blog hop. The religious art you share is very beautiful.

  6. I'm a participant in the Grow Your Blog Hop. I love to see people blog about their Catholic faith :-D I'm now a follower. Regards, Tammie Everly TTE Designs


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