Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Week

Ready for the babe,
baptismal font and candle,
now comes Baptism.

On the vigil of Palm Sunday,
our parish was blessed
to welcome a new member
to our Christian family,
an adorable baby girl.

During the last two weeks of Lent, all statues are covered.
Christ on the cross was covered before the vigil Mass
of Palm Sunday.  For more detailed explanation, go here.

This evening I met my daughter-in-law
at her home parish church, St. Francis of Assisi. 
We like the tradition that is practiced at St. Francis;
everyone who wishes to participate
has their feet washed and
then washes another person's feet, 
the way Jesus did for his apostles.
(In my parish, the priest washes the feet of 12 men.)
The Mass on this evening has no closing;
everyone processes out quietly after Communion.
Those who wish, then stay for Benediction and Adoration. 
That's why this altar is set up in the narthex.

I wish everyone a sacred finish to Lent
and an Easter full of blessings and peace.

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  1. Shalom Nonnie, thank you for your nice comment and greetings. Yes, it is a privilege to live near Jerusalem; I'm lucky.
    Such intense days now during the Triduum.
    Blessings to you for the coming Easter joy.


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