Thursday, June 23, 2016

Old Testament in Short

This is the reflection on today's scripture readings- 
2 Kings 24:8-17; Matthew 7:21-29 
I just had to share it with someone, so here it is.
"God makes the world good.  People prefer their own way. Sin and pain enter the story.  Brother kills brother.  Rains fall, waters rise.  We start again. Nations scatter and fortify. God befriends Abraham. Abraham's kin move to Egypt and are enslaved.  Rescued by Moses.  Israelites receive God's laws and enter Canaan.  We start again.  Judges rule.  Kings take the throne. Jerusalem becomes God's city. A temple to God is built there. Babylon destroys Jerusalem, the temple and the kingship. Israel is exiled to Babylon, then released. We start again. Always, always. God's people must start again."